As your trusted excavation partner in the Kansas City metro area and beyond, we handle earthwork needs for commercial clients and landowners alike. Equipped and trained to navigate various challenges, we excel at completing projects in both urban and rural environments with efficiency and precision.

From the very beginning of your project, our team is committed to bringing your vision to life in a hassle-free and efficient manner. We provide our clients with detailed estimates so there are no hidden surprises. We believe in treating our clients with respect and appreciation, and you can expect to feel valued throughout the entire process. Our team is skilled in advanced scheduling techniques and closely monitors weather conditions to ensure efficient completion of your project. Safety is always a top priority for our crew and you! We have insurance to protect our clients from any potential issues. Safe digging always begins for us with engaging in “Call before you dig” for public utility markings. With exceptional project management skills, we aim to make your experience stress-free and completed efficiently and quickly.

Whether you’re looking for a backhoe, skid steer, bulldozer (dozer), dump truck, compactor, trencher, auger, loader, scraper, or sheep foot roller, our fleet of equipment is ready for your project.

We specialize in services such as gravel lot and driveway construction & repair, site leveling & building pad creation, commercial sign excavation, grading, excavation, drainage installation, culvert installation & repair, vegetation and tree clearing, demolition, foundation digging, erosion solutions, and pool removal & excavation.

We specialize in access road construction and repair, culvert installation and replacement, water management and drainage solutions, erosion repair, civil site work, compound fencing, gates, guy anchor bollards and cattle barrier installation and repair, easement vegetation control, site leveling and grading, excavation, building pads, footings, foundations, demolition, waste remediation services, and erosion control and revegetation.

What we don’t do… tower builds or climbs, we stay in our lane and stick to what we’re good at. Let us show you our expertise.

Excavation Capabilities


If you’re looking for an environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and low-maintenance option for your driveway or parking lot, consider a permeable gravel surface. With the right base and construction steps, gravel is durable and can withstand heavy traffic, making it a great choice for high-use areas. We offer all cycle of life solutions for gravel, including initial install, topdressing, and repair. Our team uses equipment such as dozers, track loaders, excavators, rollers, blades, and compactors to ensure that your driveway or parking lot is built to the highest standards.


A sturdy, level building pad is crucial to the stability and strength of your project. We evaluate your site before construction to ensure that the building pad will meet your precise requirements and will be completed on time to avoid delays in the project’s progress. We’ve invested in laser grading technology to ensure an accurate and level surface, preventing any costly bumps or dips that could affect your construction project.


At Reiss Earthworks, we pride ourselves on providing reliable, safe, and efficient sign excavation services for sign contractors. Our services are comprehensive and include site evaluation, spread footings, auger excavations, grading, spoil removal, and cleanup.


Improperly managed or misdirected water can cause asset damage, unsafe access, erosion, and a host of other issues. With water management, sometimes drainage is the best solution but many times, grading can solve this problem in a more economical way. Other solutions to direct water flow include drainage systems, culvert installation, road water bars, ditches, and swale excavation. While water issues are quite common, it’s imperative repairs are made as quickly as possible.


A culvert is a structure that allows water to flow under transportation infrastructure including access roads, trails, driveways or similar paths. The culvert is a key component to your water and drainage management system. The culvert structure is typically made of plastic, concrete, or steel. Culverts are used to control water flow, prevent flooding, and maintain the integrity of transportation infrastructure. Let’s face it, one bad culvert can shut your entire site down, we’ve seen that very scenario.


Reiss Earthworks offers a reliable and eco-friendly solution for land clearing, tree removal, and fence line clearing needs. Our ground-to-sky vegetation control service is an effective way to clear your property without the use of herbicides. We use heavy machinery to minimize the need for labor-intensive saw work, which saves you both time and money.


Has that once valuable asset become a liability? Our demolition services include inground pool removal, house demolition, garage demolition, barn demolition, concrete driveway removal, asphalt driveway removal, mobile home demolition, and above ground pool removal. When it comes to demolition, there are numerous factors to keep in mind, all of which we consider during the planning process. Safety is of utmost importance and it’s equally crucial to consider the various environmental implications that may arise throughout the demolition process. We pride ourselves in a clean demolition jobsite.


When it comes to building a custom new home, a strong foundation is crucial for ensuring the structure’s stability and longevity. At Reiss Earthworks, we use laser grading technology to provide a precise subgrade ensuring that the dig is level and free from any bumps or dips. We take great care in evaluating and planning an efficient site before excavation begins, saving our clients’ money.


Erosion is a natural process that can occur on any site due to various factors such as wind, water, ice, and gravity. If you’ve noticed signs of erosion on your property, it’s important to act quickly to prevent further damage and save money in the long run. We can work together, taking steps to prevent or control erosion can protect your property and ensure its long-term stability.


As DIY pool companies continue to make pool installation more accessible, homeowners are taking on the challenge of building their own pools. However, the most critical and difficult step of the process is often the excavation and leveling, which is where our team comes in.


Is it time for the pool to go? Maybe your once pristine pool that provided fun days in the sun for many years now needs costly repairs or maybe it’s even filled with green algae, snakes, or mosquitoes. It’s a liability and a money pit, so it is time for it to GO! The pool demolition process can be a significant undertaking, our goal is to achieve removal with minimal disruption to your property.

Contact us today to complete your access road construction and repair, culvert installation, drainage management, erosion control, civil site work, fencing, gate, and compound installation and maintenance, debris removal, vegetation removal and control, site leveling and grading, excavation, revegetation, building pads, footings, foundations, and demolition.