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Reiss Earthworks Certified WBE Earthwork & Landscape Company

Reiss Earthworks LLC proudly announces its official certification as a Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) by the state of Missouri. This esteemed recognition underscores Reiss Earthworks’ commitment to transparency, diverse perspectives, and exceptional performance within the Midwest construction sector.

The WBE certification validates Reiss Earthworks LLC as a 100% women-owned and operated business, meeting stringent criteria for ownership, control, and operation. The certification process took a deep dive into all aspects of the business via applications, providing documentation, and an on-site interview. When companies or government entities implement policies to promote diversity and inclusion in their supply chains, they may have specific programs or procurement goals that require a certain percentage of their contracts to be awarded to companies with WBE certification.

Reiss Earthworks LLC specializes in earthwork and landscape services, delivering high-quality solutions tailored to meet each project’s unique needs. As a WBE-certified entity, Reiss Earthworks is poised to continue expanding its footprint across Missouri and beyond, fostering innovation and sustainable growth in the construction sector.

Cami Reiss, President and CEO of Reiss Earthworks, embodies the spirit of a skilled tradeswoman and entrepreneur. Her journey in construction began at the age of 10, and she has remained deeply involved ever since. Armed with a construction management degree, industry certifications, and years of hands-on experience, Cami has forged her path to business ownership in the construction sector. Her strengths lie in problem-solving, encouragement, logistics, safety, attention to detail, and presentation. Cami’s passion is evident in her commitment to delivering premium earthwork and landscape services while ensuring excellence in every project she undertakes.

“We are honored to receive the WBE certification from the state of Missouri. This milestone reflects our dedication to excellence and diversity in our industry. We look forward to leveraging this certification to forge new partnerships and opportunities that benefit our clients, employees, and community.” – Cami Reiss

What’s Changing

When asked, “What’s changing for Reiss Earthworks?” Cami responded, “Absolutely nothing. We sought certification to open doors to those who value Women-Owned Businesses or need to meet a quota. Other than hopefully growing our client base, nothing is changing for Reiss Earthworks. The reasons Reiss Earthworks has been selected time and time again by our customers since 2011 will remain the same. We look forward to continuing to deliver top-notch earthwork and landscape services across all projects with the Reiss Earthworks crew and fleet present. We’re grateful for the past 13 years that have brought us to this milestone. Here’s to building a brighter future together with those who work for us, hire us, collaborate with us, or just cheer us on!”

WBE Certification Journey

When asked about the journey to get here, Cami shared, “It was a lot of work! Certification (like small business ownership) isn’t for the faint of heart. Application completion, paperwork submission, and the on-site interview took hours upon hours; it is not an overnight thing. Reiss Earthworks, while 100% woman-owned, is not a one-woman show! Cali Oberlechner, of Bookends Business Services, and lawyer Denise Farris worked alongside me in the application. Without these two women, the application would still be sitting on my desk. To any fellow woman-owned businesses, time will tell if the investment was worth it. I have peers in the industry who are certified as woman-owned who have not seen a benefit to speak of from their certification and others who have seen the opposite. Follow along to see how this journey pans out for my company. Reach out with questions if you are embarking on your own WBE certification journey, and if I can point you in the right direction, I’d be happy to.”

The Details of Reiss Earthworks

Who hires us:  

We support government establishments, landowners, contractors, companies, and the utility sector to improve their land, businesses, and assets through earthwork. 100% woman-owned company since 2013.

Like minded: 

At Reiss Earthworks, we understand that people choose businesses they can relate to. We’re an America-loving, small, and local business-supporting team. When clients choose to support Earthworks, we reciprocate that choice with our shared values. It’s more than a transaction; it’s a like-minded connection where your support helps us uplift families in our community. Join us, not just as clients but as partners in building a better tomorrow. This may sound corny, but the company delivering packages in the blue vans has never sponsored any local youth sports teams I’ve seen. We believe in supporting small, local, and American-made matters. 

Safe and Effective Crew:

We are a highly effective team determined to complete every project with quality, efficiency, safety, and professionalism. We are the earthworks provider you can turn to for trustworthy management, open communication, strong client relationships, and transparency of service. Having worked in prestigious locations such as Kansas City International Airport and Leavenworth’s United States Disciplinary Barracks, the only maximum-security prison in the United States Department of Defense, our company has “passed the test” required to be on-site for some of the most scrutinized and high-security environments. We value every client and strive to provide services that match their needs by communicating and asking the right questions.

Since our founding, we have completed over 1,500 projects that prove our dedication to providing effective and successful project management and execution. Government establishments, landowners, telecom providers, utility providers, small businesses, and corporations, who value their time and our quality of workmanship, rely on us to execute their excavation projects time and time again. .97 EMR rating.


The Reiss Earthworks team is serious about equipment. From experience, we know that having updated earthwork technology is crucial to completing your project safely and efficiently. Whether it’s a backhoe, bobcat, or dozer, you can rest assured knowing that your project is completed with a dedication to safe and efficient work. In addition to heavy equipment, Reiss Earthworks uses state-of-the-art excavation technologies, such as laser site leveling machinery, to ensure your project is completed with precision. In addition to Earthwork’s fleet, we value our close relationship with equipment rental vendors throughout the Midwest supplying us with any piece of specialty equipment needed.


Our commitment to transparency means you’ll receive a detailed scope of work, transparent pricing, and clear expectations, outlined in a professional agreement. We maintain an aggressive schedule and prioritize timely completion, providing a seamless workflow for other trades to follow. Typically the first contractor on the job and the one everyone’s waiting on, the earthwork contractor must adhere to strict schedules. Short lead times enable us to provide a quick start, setting the pace for project success. Communication is key. Whether it’s a quick update or an in-depth consultation, we keep our clients informed. Constant company-wide communication is achieved via push-to-talk two-way radios, allowing for seamless coordination, organization, and efficiency.

Contact us at Reiss Earthworks, where groundbreaking solutions meet exceptional excavation and landscape service. If you have questions, need a quote, or are ready to embark on your next earthwork project, we’re here for you.

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